“1914 Generation and Nudes”
Ahmet Kamil Gören


28 January 2016 / 19:00 Past Activity

Works considered ‘naked’ or ‘nude’ in Turkish painting can be evaluated in their various contexts ranging from works created as part of academic training and freely executed ones. There are no nudes among the rare number of works that have survived to date from the soldier-painters we today identify as the First Generation of artists. We do know; however, that among the Second Generation of artists, Paris-educated Osman Hamdi Bey and Süleyman Seyyid executed some, through limited, nude works. Although we have not encountered any such works by Şeker Ahmed Pasha, he is known to have painted various nudes as part of his academic training in Paris. All these examples aside, the proliferation of freely executed nudes outside of academic training in Turkish painting began with the group of artists known as “1914 Generation” or “Çallı Generation,” which also took advantage of the liberties provided by the proclamation of the Second Constitutional Era in 1908. Representatives of this generation had a different exposure to the outer world, which included their nudes, as part of their education at the Academy of Fine Arts or in Paris. There is no doubt that there were different reasons behind this change. During the discussion held as part of the Bare, Naked, Nude exhibition, we will explore the reasons behind these changes through interesting examples within the context of changing styles in Turkish painting.

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