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Flash Back

Yannick Vu & Ben Jakober Works 1982 - 2012

13 October - 06 January 2012

The exhibition Flash-Back, Works: 1982-2012, presented simultaneously with the Golden Children, 16th-19th Century European Portraits exhibition, allowed insight into different aspects of the couple, not only as artists but also as collectors, highlighting 30 years of creativity.

The exhibition, Flash-Back presented individual early works of Yannick Vu and Ben Jakober, together with their collaborative works beginning from 1993. As Flash-Back allowed us to contemplate and understand the art of Vu and Jakober individually, it also enabled us to recognize within the collaborative works a third artist, and appreciate a process engendered by an interaction of different sentivities in the works created.



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Yannick Vu & Ben Jakober Works 1982 - 2012

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