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Contemporary Nordic Glass Art

05 February - 20 April 2014

The glass artists hailing from Northern European countries, present us here in İstanbul with contemporary interpretations of glass, a material inherited from past cultures.

The artists, taking their influences from the glamorous nature and traditions of the North, reinterpret the forms that pass on from generation to generation, through pushing the limits of material and technology in an unorthodox way. They transform glass into a field of contemporary art, beyond the function, form, and technical skills inherited from previous pioneers of glass-making, proved and approved since the 18th century. They open up new discussion platforms for today’squestions while remaining true to the Nordic simplicity and grace.

The exhibition, curated by Mats Jansson, includes works from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland by 25 artists who are in a continuous search, produce freely and on a wide scale, in a process that is variable, innovative, and global.

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Contemporary Nordic Glass Art

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