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Around the World Under Glass

26 October 2005 - 08 January 2006

A certain commonality from one country to another is inevitably in the work of folk artists from a shared artistic tradition. The naïve and pure-hearted quality of folk art is born of a common life lived on the land in close harmony with nature. Similarities and a shared tradition notwithstanding, the works created by folk artists are richly diverse.

“Around the World Under Glass” exhibition organized by the Pera Museum was an opportunity to view this startling diversity in works created by reverse - glass painters. The exhibition was a result of the efforts of Neveser Aksoy, and included works from the Bortaçina, Genim and Suna and İnan Kıraç collections. Together they represented an unprecedented and unforgettable opportunity for Turkey and the world.

The approximately 200 reverse-glass paintings selected for the exhibition and catalogue revealed the similarities and differences across geography, and drew attention to the unusual work of Anatolian reverse-glass artists.



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Around the World Under Glass

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