01 October - 16 October 2016

On October 1-17, 2016, Pera+ presents three different and equally dynamic workshops on the body and the digital world as part of the exhibition entitled, “Katherine Behar: Data’s Entry.”

In the workshop “Wikipedia: A Digital Encyclopedia Experience” participants will experience Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia not as a user, but as a producer by learning how to write for Wikipedia. “Virtual Reality and 3-D Printing” workshop, on the other hand, will offer a full-on virtual reality experience with the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and transform this experience into a real object through 3-D printer technology. In the motion workshop “Corporeal Data, participants will experience their own physical bodies and its real-time reflection together to broaden the extent of the perception of motion.  In this context, designed and improvised exercises are performed both as a group and individually.

Capacity: 10 participants
Age group: 18+ 
Duration: 2 hours

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